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Smack! Clash! Thump!

It had started yet again; her parents never seemed to waste any time sitting quietly and normal things. Roshini had curled herself up beneath her bed with a pillow to drown out the sounds of her parents’ daily routine. All the constant yelling, shouting, howling and throwing things, banging doors were giving her severe migraine. She lied there waiting for all of it to get over.

Crash! Screech! Whack!

It seemed like that there was still time left.

These fights didn’t surprise her anymore; she knew from her experience of twenty years that her ‘personal hell’- her house was a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. She had hoped that this experience will make her used to all of this, it will make it less painful and easy to endure but no, on the contrary it was getting harder and harder for her to crawl out of this. Every time it happened, she would fall into a deep bottomless pit of fear, self-loathing and depression. Previously, she used to wish for her life to get over not that this thought didn’t strike her mind now but today she almost wished the death for those two; it scared her even more and added guilt too to her deep bottomless pit.

Bang! Howl! Slap!   

The pillow was not helping her much and they sure were not in the mood to stop. Long gone were the days when she used to intervene between them hoping to save them from each other but then she got tired of soaking all the blame, tired of caring. Experience was indeed the best teacher!

Desperately wiping the tears of her face, she started scrolling through her Facebook feed to keep her hands and mind busy. Her classmates often used to post photos of their families celebrating something or the other on Facebook, laughing…eating…joking. They all looked so happy in those photos, she had always wondered were all those real/posed or just Photoshoped; she couldn’t imagine what a HAPPY family dinner looks like. Maybe it was all her fault, she was the bad omen.

Immersed in her self loathing, guilt and tears, she didn’t realize when she blacked out due the lack of food, all because of her missed lunch and dinner.

The clock struck twelve at midnight and her phone kept flashing from the wishes and posts of her classmates…it was Diwali!

Diwali (in October this year) is a huge Hindu festival of lights celebrated in India almost by everyone.

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