Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash


I feel so helpless
as if my feet are tied,
throat has dried,
I have gone voiceless.

I wish you’d know, if I could
then I would
surely take your place,
and protect you in any case.

But such is my fate,
I am behind that locked gate,
my eyes witness the cheating.
Cursed is my heart which still keeps beating.
I wish the time would wait,
but it might already be too late.
Your wounds have stopped bleeding,
everyone still is sleeping.

I screamed! I wailed!
All to no avail.
The ship, I know, has sailed
and sadly I have failed.

I feel so helpless,
as if my feet are tied,
throat has dried,
I have gone lifeless.

This is my second poem. For me, it describes my sheer helplessness in a situation when I am unable to see any silver lining in a dark cloud. The poem is not cheerful but I hope you like it. If you can relate, please let me know!

Photo by:

unsplash-logoNatalya Letunova

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