“How many times do I have to remind you Paul? If you buy this coffee everyday for me then please get me a cappuccino or latte with extra cream. I don’t like this black fuel”, said Maria, sipping anyway from the hot disposable cup.

“Now why would she believe that a busy man like me will drink a cappuccino with extra cream?”

“You have been doing this for months now. Why don’t you ask her out like a normal man?”

“It’s not like that, I just like to see her every morning and talk to her before I start my day. It helps with my anxiety and mood swings; her face, her voice just calms me down instantly. She listens too and she has beautiful, warm brown eyes. The kind which reminds you of hot chocolate on a cold winter night.”

“It’s exactly like that, look at you blushing like a teenager. You don’t know it boy but you are so deep.”

“You are old, you don’t know what are you talking about; just drink your coffee alright.”

“If you want someone to listen then try a professional, he will be better than her at this listening job.”

“You think you are the only one with these bright ideas? You think I haven’t tried everything. I have tried everything from A to Z, everything. Nothing has helped, not even close. There is something about her which draws me in and keeps me in one place like putting back loose pieces back together and binding them together to give coherence to a jigsaw picture puzzle.”

“You know you can have that feeling for forever if you do something about it, just ask her out. She will say yes and then all you need to do is to make her feel as the most important person of your life for the rest of your life. Simple.”

“You say it like it is so easy.”

“It is, if that is what you want. Some say it is as easy as breathing if you are with the right one.”

“I don’t know what I want, okay. How am I even supposed to know if she is what I will want after, let’s say…5 years? How can someone know such things?”

“Tell me, if every cup of coffee you bought from her for the past …?”

“9 months”

“Yes, 9 months, if each single cup was worth it? If you are given a chance to get your money back and erase all this, will you take the money? You should considering you don’t drink it anyway.”

“NO! I mean…I never think of changing my morning routine. I like it, it’s the highlight of my day.”

“Then I think you have your answer. Your bus is here.”

“What if I am not good enough for her?” he said before getting on the bus.

“Let her decide that for herself and please bring me a cappuccino tomorrow”, she shouted as the bus drove away.           

This is a conversation between a young man and an old homeless woman (if you were curious). It is slightly different than my regular prose fictions. Please let me know what you think about this one.

Want to know what happens next? Read the next part: A not-so regular Coffee, regularly.

Cheers 🙂