This is the poem for November Monthly Showcase, written by Arushi. I have loved it and for me it represents hope which has the power to guide us in our darkest of times. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have. Your thoughts are very much welcome.

As the first ray of light cracks the dawn,
Let it melt the shackles that you have on.
As the first bird flies from tree to tree,
Let it make you
realize that you too are free.
As the sun rises to its furious peak,
Let it remind you of your fervent streak.
Yes the nature does conspires to get what you desire,
You just need to pause and behold, sire!
Beautiful, Majestic, vibrant and mystical,
Oh! What a wonderful world it is out there.

by Arushi

Some More Good News

I must say this month of November has been a terrific month for ‘My Bubble‘. The amount of love it has received is actually mind blowing for me. Among all the award nominations and publications, there’s some more good news for us:

My Bubble has been listed on the Top 100 Poetry Blogs & Websites for 2019. It is present on the 11th position which is unbelievable . Its a great honour and I am sure many of you deserve more to be on this list.

One of my Flash Fiction pieces have been published. The Blazing Red Sky (a flash piece) at The Creative Post. (If you read it, consider sharing your thoughts)

And even though I really don’t care about the numbers, Bubble has grown as a family. It has today crossed 100 friends mark! So, a warm welcome hug to all those who have joined us recently, hope you enjoy it here and lots of love 💕❤💖 and best wishes 👍✌👏 to all those who have been beside me in this journey; it wouldn’t have been possible without you all. You’ve been amazing 😘!

Cheers! Keep writing & reading. 🙂