As the year comes to an end, it makes us think about the goals which we accomplished and which we didn’t. High fivesπŸ™Œ to all of us, we did our best. Focusing on the bright side of the life, many of us (including me) started their blogging journey this year which I’m sure has been rewarding to all of us in more ways than we can comprehend. (Yes! you can smile and give yourself a pat on the back for slaying it). 😊

Which brings me to the task at hand, last month one of my fellow blogger requested me to write about what has helped me in making ‘My Bubble’. Before I begin, a disclaimer: I am no expert, I have just started this journey (~4 months back) which means that I am only sharing what has helped me, somethings may work out for you and on other’s you can feel differently. Below is my bag of tricks that I use to blog my way around.

I was very clear about what I wanted to blog about even before I thought of launching a blog. Many experts, do believe that finding a niche is important but that doesn’t mean that I’ve not come across successful bloggers who have given this advice a run for its money. But it is definitely good to be clear about your limits.

I think more than the ‘looks’ it is the accessibility that matters. If our readers are finding it difficult to move around then it’s a mistake we should fix ASAP! I have personally experimented a lot with the free themes that WordPress provides and it took me a long time to settle on this one (which has been appreciated recently).

We have to strive constantly to produce our best every time. I make it a point to proof-read every thing I post, sometimes mistakes do crop up, but I only learn from them and move forward. This is one rule which no serious blogger would want to ignore. Quality is more important than quantity!

I still haven’t found my perfect rhythm when it comes to the frequency of posts, but I usually try to post twice a week. (This week being an exception!) Some are able to produce quality content daily, I salute them!

From the very start, building a community was the one thing which mattered the most for me. Supporting and helping each other is something I believe in and in my opinion, this is how we grow and learn. So, I make it a point to leave thoughtful comments and likes on the posts that I read and also to reply each and everyone who leave few kind words on my work.

While it looks good to have huge numbers, but the catch is to gain serious readers because it is far easy to gain followers (‘You follow me, I follow you’ game is quite rampant on WordPress). I am interested in readers rather than followers, therefore, I follow back selectively which means only following the blogs which I can see myself reading in the future (this is not a comment on the quality of their work but on what interests me and how much time I have).

It is important to promote your blog on the social media platforms to gain traffic but I don’t indulge in that mainly because I am not a social media person, I am hardly active on any platform except for WordPress. I do have a Facebook page for my blog which never really brings in any readership.

Lastly, I would say that the key is to remain honest and respectful to fellow bloggers. Meaning, if you are following someone then you should try to read their post occasionally and consider voicing your honest thoughts because in my opinion that’s how you show your respect and everyone really do appreciates the effort!

This was my mantra, I would love to know if you can relate or if you disagree with some things. Tell me about your mantra of blogging in the comments.

Cheers, Keep Blogging πŸ™‚