With a heavy heart, fragmented mind and a sharp knife
She sat there, contemplating a swipe.
Wanting to end it all, 
Tempting was the peace’s call.
A voice told her, “No, there’s still hope”
To hold on, as this is a dangerous slope.
Another said, “Do it, it’s intelligent”
It will be easy like an experiment.
The third voice had nothing to prove
It only stood there watching her every move
She waited, thought and tried to decide.
Her hands betrayed, they failed to abide.
Drip! Drip! Drops fell
Thick, crimson-red cell.
A voice told her to call for the ambulance
To stop this madness and the turbulence.
Another sat there in ecstasy of freedom 
From all the pain, guilt and demon.
The last one just stood there 
Watching her shiver in fear.
With a heavy heart, fragmented mind and a red knife
Unable to choose between the present or the afterlife.
She waited, thought and tried to decide
Sitting there contemplating her suicide. 

Don’t be alarmed! This poem is not a reflection of my current state of mind, it is just an experiment piece. I was only trying to imagine what a person might think or goes through when taking such a drastic step. I would love to know what you think and if you believe in an afterlife.

Cheers, 🙂