Hey everyone! A very happy and prosperous New Year to all of you, I know I am a bit late in posting this but amidst the travelling (not a vacation), studies, family reunions and my laziness (blame the horrible weather), I got a little stuck due to which I have also missed all of your recent posts which I am sure are amazing. Don’t worry, I plan to read them and clear all the backlog this week. I hope all of you enjoyed and had fun during the holidays.

She had just taken a few steps away from him when he caught her hand and pulled hard, engulfing her in a tight, bone-crushing hug. Relieved, she pulled in a long breath, clouding her mind with his addictive scent and felt the same burning desire, only much stronger this time; all she wanted was to never let him go and walk into a fairy tale happy ending with him into forever.

Loud siren of the train cleared their mind for a minute and they took few seconds to register their surroundings. She remembered the harsh truth which she had known from the moment she had met him, two days before, that it was impossible for them to be anything serious. She knew it in her bones that men like him don’t fall for girls like her.  It was sheer foolishness on her part to hope that a successful businessman on his business trip, who doesn’t even live on the same continent as hers and their age difference being not what the society would approve, would ever spare a second glance on a struggling photographer, plain-Jane who works as a bartender at night to pay the bills.

But here they were, both wishing that the time would stop and the situation will not be as difficult, as it was. They were fighting their guts to hold on to each other, learning the way their touch makes them yearn for each other, the way their intoxicating smell pulls them in, the way her curls fall on her face when she looks the other way, the way his eyes smile when he looks at her, the way her fingers entwined with his, so perfectly, like two missing puzzle pieces. He wanted to etch all of this into his memory, how she made him feel like a teenager all over again falling head over heels for her; he hadn’t felt so happy and relaxed in years.  

All around them, the busy train station was hustling with people who were rushing to board the train, but they were mesmerised in their own bubble with no urgency to part ways, they didn’t need to voice their immediate fears, their eyes did all the talking and their hearts listened patiently. While the mind knew that it was the end of the road but the heart was desperate to hold onto the finest, the weakest strand of hope which a ‘long-distance arrangement’ provided, knowing very well that it will never be enough.

The last call was announced; he had just few more seconds to decide. He could see her glassy eyes, the tears in them fighting very hard to stay put; a stray single drop still failed and moved from the corner of her eyes to trace the porcelain skin of her smooth, supple cheek. Instinctively, his hand moved and his fingers traced the same path delicately, reaching very close to her feather soft lips and without thinking another second he was kissing her. His lips moved urgently against hers, tugging them hard, trying to pour every ounce of desire, hunger and emotion that he felt, into that single kiss; claiming her, marking her, pleading her to be his.

It ended as quickly as it had begun; it took her some time to regain her coherence, she turned around and walked rapidly, a few steps, in the direction of the already moving train and realised that he was gone. She wasn’t surprised, she already knew that this is what would happen yet she couldn’t help but feel hurt and a little bit betrayed. She sat on a nearby bench, not knowing what to think anymore; in her other hand she held a small note which she had no idea how it got there. Irritated and disappointed she almost crumpled and threw it, but something made her open it.

There were three words sprawled on it in a hurried pace, “Wait for me”.

This is the prologue of my new micro- novel which I am planning to write. I haven’t decided the name or the full plot as of yet, I plan to see where the story takes me. I would love to know your honest thoughts. All the constructive criticism and suggestions are very much welcome.

Cheers & Happy New Year 2020