As she entered into the bar with a Katana in her hand, all heads turned to look at her, including mine. She looked like fire with her red curls sprayed all over her small shoulders and a bright red dress that barely touched her knees. She walked with an unmatched flawless gait that would give any fashion model a run for her money.

I didn’t realize that I was staring until her luscious red lips came close to my ear and she whispered, “Like what you see?”

On cue, I averted my eyes but before I knew it she planted a kiss, full on my lips. I forgot to breathe like a teenage girl and my heart raced so fast, waiting to pop out of my body any second.

It was over too quickly making me doubt it’s reality, I wondered if I was hallucinating.

Embarrassed by my staring and fazed by whatever happened just now, I was unable to even form a sentence that could be my saving grace. Instead, I stuttered, “Oh! I am ss ssorry…” in a haze.

Still incoherent, I didn’t see the reaction on her face, all I heard was her melodious laugh. A perfect laugh.

She picked up my beer bottle and said, “You are cute”, drinking it’s remaining contents.

There wasn’t much which could go wrong now, I had already managed to make a complete fool of myself. I waited for my brain to function properly and asked her, “What … Why … I mean… Who are you?”

“I am Fire”, she said smiling.

Dazed by her beautiful smile, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her, again.

“Buy me another beer and I’ll tell you why I did it”, she said, winking at me with little twinkle in her eyes.


So, this came to my mind few days ago, after reading the Writing Prompt #18. Please tell me what you think about it, I really appreciate your thoughts.

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