Green fields and yellow flowers,

small huts and big trees,

colorful birds and monochrome cattle,

underneath the vast expanse of clear skies.

Chitter-chatter of young girls,

cackling laughter of small boys.

Smoky puffs of old men,

and melodious carols of household women.

Amidst a cool breeze, fresh with life’s fragrance.

A sweet spot of Nature’s tricky balance

will all be a matter of only remembrance?

As I was travelling few days back, driving through many cities, I came across numerous villages nearby the highway. All the beautiful scenery and green fields, lush with crops, made me realize that how badly I have missed all this. It made me question, what our civilization is really heading for? How much longer do we have to appreciate the bounties of nature, before it all vanishes? All that overthinking and worrying inspired this one.

Are you a city person or miss living the old way? Do you sometimes catch yourself wishing for a much simpler life that our older generations enjoyed? I would appreciate your thoughts!

Have a great week ahead, Cheers 🙂