Fire IV

continued from part III.

I woke up lying on the floor with Fire sitting right there near me, looking at me with her beautiful eyes with worry on her face. I was finally able to see the endless love which her eyes held for me, I was able to see her pure soul immersed in the depth of her eyes which spoke nothing but the truth. I remembered it all. She was the one thing that was missing from my life, she was the one for whom I’ve been waiting for ten years.

I remembered the first time when she kissed me, taking me by surprise and making every other guy in the bar jealous of my existence. She was the most beautiful girl on this planet. I knew just after her first smile that I would love her till my last breathe.

I understood in an instant why none of my previous relationships worked out, I haven’t felt like this way before for anyone. I didn’t know that it was possible to feel this strong urge for someone; emotions like these only existed in fairy tales, or so I had thought until I met her. It was as if the centre of universe had changed for me, it was right there in the depth of her eyes and in the curve of her lips.

“Reo! Reo! Are you okay? You were unconscious for a while, I was so worried. It was my mistake, I shouldn’t have experimented with you like that. Maybe, the katana is not the solution…”

She was talking nonstop, going on and on and on without taking a breath. As much I was happy to hear her melodious voice ringing in my ears, I was getting worried for her. Without thinking, I held her elbow and pulled her on top of me and my lips were on hers in a second. Electric shot through me and I found my home.

I kissed her deeply, our lips moved in synchronisation, exploring the depths of each other. The need was too strong; the wait of ten years had made this spark into a fire which was exploding through both of us. Her soft lips against my own asked their own set of questions and mine answered them with fervour; it seemed like we were drowning in these waves together, forgetting the world all around us.

Time passed and the need for oxygen made us break our connection.

“Yes, I am okay! You were asking earlier”

“You remember everything. It worked.” She had a smile on her face while heaving for breaths. All the worry lines on her forehead were gone and she looked relaxed. We sat there staring at each other basking in the aura of our happiness and love, wishing for this night to never end.

On cue, she looked worriedly at the clock. “The timer is about to reset, we don’t have much time to break the curse.”

She was right, we hardly had anytime. We were against the time itself in a race of time. The only thing that gave me comfort was the fact that I had her, the reason of my existence, beside me fighting for us. I promised myself to not blow up this last chance that I had at lifetime of happiness. The only question which remained was “How do we break the curse?”

Next Part

This is the second last part of my ongoing story Fire, I will post the conclusion very soon (this week itself). I hope you like it despite of the untimely gap since the last update. Your thoughts are very welcome and appreciated, so let me know. Cheers and stay safe!

19 thoughts on “Fire IV”

    1. Thank you so much, Jude, for your kind words. i am very glad that you find this entertaining. Your support and encouragement means a lot.


  1. I loved this part and now I will go back and read the first three. How did I miss them. They sound like twin flames finally recognizing each other. ❤️

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