Three lines tale: Storyteller

He had never seen the sea, ever, he had lost his eyesight before that opportunity but his ears were sharp enough to distinguish every possible musical note even the ones which emanated from the deep abyss of the sea and surfaced only with the unruly waves of the ocean. That is how he recognized everyone,… Continue reading Three lines tale: Storyteller

Minimalist Indian Cooking: Samosas

Namaste lovely people! How are you doing lately? In all honesty, the monsoon over here has triggered my cravings further and has left me in the mood for some lip-smacking savory goodness. Hence, here I am sharing another fabulous dish from my homeland. Today's dish is Samosa. It is a fried or baked pastry with… Continue reading Minimalist Indian Cooking: Samosas


I am very happy to share with you guys my short fiction piece- Memories, it got published by The Drabble. I would love to know what you think about this one. Also, please check them out, I am sure you will love what they have to share. Photo by Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash By Akanksha… Continue reading Memories

Magazines to Submit your Short-Stories for Free

Hi writers & poets! Now, publish short-stories, poetry in magazines for free. Submit short-stories, submit poetry in magazines for free. Below is a list of magazines to submit your short-stories. While I will list all the necessary basic details, I strongly advise you to visit the website and read the submission guidelines, properly, before submitting.… Continue reading Magazines to Submit your Short-Stories for Free