I am very happy to share with you guys my short fiction piece- Memories, it got published by The Drabble. I would love to know what you think about this one. Also, please check them out, I am sure you will love what they have to share.

Photo by Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash

By Akanksha Singh

She looked up and he was there, right where she had left him, yesterday. Sitting on his ship-shaped cloud, he took a rain-drop and threw at her with nothing but sheer mischief in his eyes. She knew that look very well; it was what had made her fall for him, years ago. […]

Memories —

23 thoughts on “Memories”

    1. Thank you, Jude, I am glad that you find it so. The last quote is entirely mine😉, that’s what I think about writing, it teaches me so many things everytime.
      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


  1. “Sitting on his ship-shaped cloud” – I love that. His scent is “warm and earthy” yet he is of the sky… I am definitely intrigued and would like to know more about this saga… :)) Congrats on your publication dear Akanksa!! 😍💛🎉🙌


    1. Ahh! Lia, your comments are the best things. Very grateful for those 🙏💙❤️😘.
      I did that scent thing deliberately thinking that maybe once he belonged to the Earth and all that remained with him was his scent.
      I am very glad that you enjoyed it. I wrote it as an independent piece. But if it gets developed in the future, you’ll be the first to know!
      Thanks so much again for your wishes 😊❤️

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