J-Jolly (26 X 26)

The Red Love IVcontinued from I-Ice Skates (26 X 26). Also, a huge thank you to BlueMallowMelt for the prompt.

As the days passed, their love for each other grew steadily. Sir Alan never knew that his mundane days could be this jolly and enticing, for him every day with Bella was a blessing which he couldn’t get enough of. Their matrimonial union was perfect except for a small problem.

Bella’s skin had turned from clear white to slight pink. At first, Sir Alan didn’t notice it and neither did Bella, but as the pink sheen turned a little darker; they got worried. They waited few weeks for it pass but instead the pinkness got only darker with the passing months.

They got it checked from the local wise-woman, the chapel priest, apothecary’s physician and even some barbers who had gained some reputation from the locals, but unfortunately nothing helped.

Whenever she would go out to the market or to the park for a walk, people would notice Bella’s strange pink skin from distance and they would come from far only to see the ‘pink woman’. They would talk in hushed tones and whispers around her and some even started believing her to be cursed by the demon.

All this disturbed Bella very much and she blamed herself for her strange disease. But Sir Alan’s love didn’t falter a bit. He held their marriage in these tough times and supported her wife.

Months were passing and her pink shade had turned to red and so had her anger. Running out of options, Sir Alan decided to go to the mage as the last resort; she was his only hope now. He reached the mage’s place and asked for her advice.

I told you your gift will have a cost to pay, she said. She told him that as he wanted to tell the world the extent of his love for his wife, the infusion made sure of that. The darkness of the color Red will signify the extent of your love and as your love for her will grow so will the dark Red.

He asked the mage to take away her magic and make her wife normal. But the mage had no solution to his demands. I didn’t do any magic on you, Sir Alan. I gave you what you asked for; the infusion was not a magical potion and so I can’t help you anymore. Some gifts are not worth buying no matter how much expensive.

Sir Alan returned home disappointed and upon learning the reason of her strange color Bella’s fury had no bounds. She wailed and shouted; wished for Sir Alan to stop loving her so that she could just be Bella and not the ‘Angry Red Woman’ which the town called her.

But neither did Sir Alan’s love withered away and nor did Bella’s anger subdue. And since then, Red color got it’s significance for both love and anger.

Word count- 462. So, this story is finally complete and I am very relieved to be done with it😅. I will start something ‘non-ancient’ from tomorrow. Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. And I really hope that you don’t hate it.

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