M-Mistletoe (26 X 26)

*New piece* —The Love Ballad— (read in the website for a better view)

 The first time I saw you, it was January. You were in a mall
 Shopping from the sales and I couldn’t help but notice 
 How your eyebrows were scrunched together
 When you were trying to crunch some numbers
 I watched you from distance, unable to take my eyes off you
 Afraid of being called a stalker, I ordered my feet to leave you alone
 And continue my daily ringer
 But as my heart was a rebellious teenager
 It stayed there with you, thinking about your favorite color and ice-cream flavor.
 February rolled around and so did my college grind
 I was practically living in the library when one cold afternoon
 You walked in like the bright sunshine, with warmth and colors
 Playing lost & found
 You smiled at the book and your dimples made me forget mine

 It was March when I saw you next. Guess where? In the downtown café
 You ordered a hazelnut latte and I noticed your eyes for the first time around
 They were a deep chocolate brown like a hot cocoa on winter’s night.
 I was already afraid of my lucky streak and wondered if I will you this spring
 God was kind and so were you 
 Kind enough to grace me with your view, in the April too
 But your dimples were nowhere in sight. Even the eyes were glazed
 And I shivered with cold, my heart raced
 I wanted to ask you what was wrong and if I could help
 But you left the building before my mind was made.
 May, June, July and August didn’t really flew by. My whole summer was a desperate cry
 I’d hope daily, that may this will be the day when I’ll catch your rare sight
 But my every dream only came out to be a harsh lie. I tried everything I could
 The mall, library and the café were all the places I covered almost daily on foot
 But all the sunshine couldn’t lift my mood.  
 The months passed like years and I had almost given up all hope for any future
 I walked in the rain with nothing but regrets of not making the move, earlier
 Maybe God saw through my desperation 
 And decided to let me have my way without any question  
 The elevator was a happy coincidence with you standing right by side
 I couldn’t keep my smile in check and even grinned at my prospects
 The ride ended even before I could stop with my grinning but my spirits were on high horse
 September was already a winner and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better
 October was a slightly surprising story,
 You passed me by on the college corridor and I almost tripped
 One day you came to my table in cafeteria and asked if you could sit
 All other seats were probably taken and I cannot get this go amiss
 We got talking and looked like you had been around me all this time
 Your smiles and warm looks were a sight to behold, better than a rainbow on a clear sky
 For the whole November we talked and talked. 
 I couldn’t get enough of your perfect shots
 I loved you wild hair, your button nose, & the way you scrunched it up when your laugh burst
 I got hung up on every word you said and wondered if you would say yes
 I scraped of my courage from every corner that I could find
 And all the scraping brought December quickly by 
 The scraping apparently wasn’t enough, so you had to ask me out
 And I couldn’t even say a yes out loud
 But I didn’t let my embarrassment get in the way and asked you for a dance
 Underneath the mistletoe we swayed
 You looked at me with those melted chocolate eyes 
 And I could only think of your rosy lips
 I didn’t had to lean in, your tiptoes did the trick
 So, kids, that’s how it all began
 Your mom and me, we simply clicked. 

Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could.

You all are most welcome to join the 26 X 26 Writing Challenge!

I will see you tomorrow with a Christmas themed word-prompt starting from alphabet ‘N’, until then keep warm & write.

Come, join me in this challenge and say goodbye to this year on a strong note. Cheers!

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