V-Vacation & W-Winter (26 X 26)

*New piece*–-Breakup Diaries-

People most of the times forget that when a relationship between two persons end, you not only loose that person but also a version of yourself and a version of your future which existed with that person.

When so much is snatched away in a matter of a few minutes, you forget how to continue living, how to be that person which people recognized, how to just be.

All the plans which I had for my life vanished before my eyes just like the vapors on the glass. It is like someone decided to erase the whole canvas but they forget to erase the minute things, things which actually mattered, things which are stuck in the creaks and nooks. And result is always messy, like the stain which doesn’t just go away completely no matter how much you treat it; your life becomes like the remnants of that stains which isn’t gone and yet it’s not there either. And you, like the cloth, now is of no real use.

So, when Lora decided to explore other “options” right before the winter vacation I had no place to go. I had no plans, no future, not even myself. My life was like that stain and I didn’t know how to change that.

I didn’t know how to find another version of me which could exist without the shadow of my previous self; didn’t know how to go to the super market and not think about our fusion-food Saturday night or how to be okay with my refrigerator not smell of herbal cream as Lora was gone and so was her cream.

My purple bath towel, yellow curtains, pink bed covers or the silver slippers are all useless now; I used to hate those bold colors but then my life was flipped like a pancake with Lora. And now, the pancake has been flipped again and it is burning; it is getting difficult to live with those fumes.

I am suffocating in my own house. Home is gone.


Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

You all are most welcome to join the 26 X 26 Writing Challenge!

I will see you tomorrow with a Christmas themed word-prompt starting from alphabet ‘Y’ & ‘Z’, until then keep warm & write.

Come, join me in this challenge and say goodbye to this year on a strong note. Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “V-Vacation & W-Winter (26 X 26)”

  1. Sadly because Covid I can’t Travel anymore for my blog that I just started. Feels really sad that I have to wait before planning a new travel journey 😦


    1. Ha! This is one of those post when I was just typing away without any frame in my mind. All those analogies got whipped in a matter of few moments. 😅 At first, I was about to delete the whole thing, but then I was too tired to write again, so I just left it the way it was.
      very glad (& relieved) to know that you liked it. 🙏🤗❤

      Liked by 1 person

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