Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 26

Hello lovely people, how are you doing this week? I hope you all rocking the show to your maximum capacity. Thank you for leaving your thoughtful comments last week, they really made me feel much better and I think I'll be back soon (maybe with a surprise for you). Stay tuned and let me know… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 26

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 25

Hello friends, I hope you had someone to cuddle on this Valentine's Day, a fluffy cat or even a warm dog would have been perfect. I have been trying to get back to regular blogging from the past few weeks but it seems that my mental state is just not ready to comply. I am… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 25

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 24

Charge up your writing with February's resources, writing gazette is live here. TWT’s 23rd-Week prompt was –Fall. If you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful 20-word stories of previous week, you can read them here. This week’s prompt is Memories. I can’t wait to read what you come up with. Below is my 20-word story,… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 24

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 23

Greetings folks! I hope that the new year is meeting your expectation. I have been unable to read your wonderful posts for the past few weeks as I felt that I needed a break & also, I was a bit busy with the book club things. If you're into literature, you can watch the Pride… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 23

Pride & Prejudice: Book Discussion

For January 2021, we read Pride & Prejudice- a legendary work by Jane Austen, here is the book discussion of it. You can download the .pdf file here: Pride and PrejudiceDownload In this video, I talk about the characters and the plot in brief. Then, I focus on these themes in reference to the book:… Continue reading Pride & Prejudice: Book Discussion