Pride & Prejudice: Book Discussion

For January 2021, we read Pride & Prejudice– a legendary work by Jane Austen, here is the book discussion of it.

In this video, I talk about the characters and the plot in brief.

Then, I focus on these themes in reference to the book: Marriage, Social Critique which Jane Austen offers, Role of gender & class in plot development, Prejudices, Parallel Protagonist and Men & Women Characters i.e. how they are written in this book.

And at last, I take a look at some of my favorite screen adaptations & quotes from the book.

I would like to state that all the views & opinions discussed in this video are strictly my own & you don’t have to agree with them. I would love to read your views on the subject & you can share them in the comments below.

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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I’ve been away for a while as I was busy with this. It is the first time I’ve tried doing something like this & I know that there’s lot that can be improved, but I hope you can bear with me. I would love to hear your honest opinions. Until next time, take care.

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12 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice: Book Discussion”

  1. I read it like once every two years. I especially enjoy the long conversations Eliza has with various characters. There are so many die hard fans out there that I am afraid to say anything I dislike about the book.

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    1. I love this book too, Haoyan, the wit of Lizzie and her conversations with all the characters especially with her father and lady Catherine is just amazing! And don’t worry about the fan club you can share them here, it is safe place.
      & thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you like it.

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      1. I was going to say Lizzie’s conversation with Darcy pale in comparison with all those other wonderful conversations. It’s a pity. However I know those die hard fans will not be happy to hear Lizzie or Darcy being criticized in any way.

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        1. Yes!! I feel the same too, in fact, I don’t really see the over-hyped love between them due to the lack of good conversations (their chemistry is good though). Maybe it is due to time difference thing and all, but I exactly know what you mean. It was good to find someone who thinks the same. Thank you!

          (I am so sorry for such a late reply, I don’t usually do that, this month is just a tough one)

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            1. Maybe, the extremely subtle romance (if that I may call their non-existent love story) is due to the time difference of our current society and the British society of the 19th century? I think that and then I am like Bingley’s and Jane’s was better in the way that they at least considerable spend time together.
              And yes, the supporting characters are vivid alright. You cannot not get annoyed by Lydia’s narcissistic tendencies or irritated from Mr Collins quirks. And even Mr Bennet is very entertaining. His dialogues are some of the best from the book.

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    1. This is my favorite as well, Gerald! Oh, I remember that one, Lizzie is on fire in that one. I like that one too, I also like the bit when Elizabeth rejects Mr. Collins, I find it quite amusing.
      Thank you for stopping by & sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it very much.

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        1. Ha! We can only try. That rejection is gold, it is where I think readers fell in love with her, witnessing her integrity & strength even though her accusations regarding Wickham were wrong, but she did an amazing job of putting Darcy in his place.


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