Book Club Renovation

Hello lovely, how has this week been? I know…hectic, right? Same here my friend, don’t worry we will make it work…somehow😅.

Moving on, since my whole life has changed completely and it has given me a somewhat fresh perspective on many things including this blog and my book club. So, I have decided to change some things around.

This post is about the changes which I am making to my book club in the coming month.

If you are someone who don’t read books (any kind of book) and don’t want to do anything with books then you can skip to the next post in your feed (Hey, no judgement here. I am just trying to save you your precious time). Those of you who read or want to read must absolutely continue to read this. IT IS IMPORTANT! I swear.

Welcome again and thank you for doing yourself a favor 😉. You should pat your back and have a cookie on the house.

Okay, so now (dust away those cookie crumbs away, dear), March is around the corner which means we have a masterpiece to read. And this time we are doing this PROPERLY (you’ll soon see what I mean by that). 



Any new venture that starts is bound to get tweaked a zillion times before it can reach to a somewhat perfect model. When I started this bookclub I knew that it is not the final product but a raw material.

  • The main reason for these changes is to make it more accessible for the readers to join in. Many people shy away from sharing their email ids.
  • Another is to make it more easier to keep in touch and connect and social media platforms seem like a viable answer for now. 
  • Another was to make it more flexible. Readers shouldn’t have to read what I am reading if they don’t want to. We can still come together and celebrate what we are reading. There are a huge number of books yet to be celebrated.
  • Also, I know that the monthly mails which I sent hardly gets read or even opened (which I understand because I also fail to open many mails from the services to which I’ve subscribed to willingly at some point). So, I don’t want spend my time and energy to write an email which is of not much use and can have an easier replacement.
  • Lastly, this emailing system had made this into a one way thing where I was the one with the mic and I don’t want it to be like that anymore. With the help of instagram I can pass that mic around and take a back seat.

There are many more but I am sure that you get the drift.


Yes, you heard that right. This BookClub’s moving to a much more simpler version (for me and for you). Which means:

  • No more signing up to mailing lists or checking emails.
  • If you want to be a part of BBUBBLE BOOKCLUB just follow the instagram account @bbubble_bookclub and #bbubbleclub. I’ll post everything regarding the bookclub activities on bookclub’s instagram account.
  • You can read what I am reading or read whatever you want to. Only try to read at least one book per month.
  • You can share whatever you like (with reference to any book you’ve read) with #bbubbleclub in your posts/stories/reels and we all can get a taste of some good writing and can discover some new titles. You’ll be surprised to see what you end up liking.
  • You can still download the pdf copy of the book from my blog’s Bookclub Page.
  • You can dm me on IG for any suggestion or query.

And if this worked and you are willing then at the end of every month we can connect (on a live video/zoom/anywhere) just to tell each other what we read and why we would or wouldn’t recommend it to other readers. Won’t our life be richer?


Also, if you are not on instagram and don’t want to create an account for any reason then you can still be a part of our reading club through the blog. Along with all the necessary information it will also have the downloadable copy of the book. Having said that I would really love to have the reader in you on board to connect, share and interact through instagram.

Waiting to hear your thoughts!? Until then, cheers

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