My Bubble

Stories, Poems and Thoughts…


I am a girl from India who aspires to become a published author one day! This blog is my journey with you all to realize my dream.

As a voracious reader who loves to write, my other passions include cooking and travelling. Also, I am a big foodie who just loves to explore and experiment with all the diversity that is present.

I am also the Fiction Editor of the newly launched magazine The Finest Example. It is a collaborative journal of creativity started by Peter Wyn Mosey. We’re looking for poems, short stories, art work, and longer form essays and articles. If you have a piece that you’d like to submit (for submissions guidelines visit the website), we’re happy to receive it @

I have always believed that even if a writer doesn’t say much about herself, her writings reveal quite a lot. By reading her work, a reader can get a glimpse of her soul. I tell stories in all shapes and form. Some are mine, some can be yours and remaining are just pure fiction!

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Join me in my journey, maybe you will find your story somewhere!

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