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Monthly Showcase

I want to provide a platform to young, talented poets who don’t want to/or can’t (due to various valid reasons) maintain a full fledged personal blog. If you are shy and self conscious about your work and don’t really know if people will like it then this small and safe bubble can help you to test the waters and improve your skills further.

I showcase poetry from upcoming writers once a month. All those who wish to publish their work here, can reach out to me. I am open to poems both in English or in Hindi language and will publish it if your work resonates with the spirit of this bubble.


  • You can get in touch by sending me a message here.
  • Include a title for your piece along with your small bio. Please cut and paste your piece as text, links will not be entertained.
  • You can additionally send a link to your public profile page, if you want.
  • The length of your poem must not be more than 200 words.
  • If it has been published elsewhere please mention so.
  • I select one poem every month, so please send your work preferably before 15th of each month.
  • I publish the Showcase on the last weekend of every month.
  • The entries are carried forward i.e. if you don’t see your poem getting published this month then it may get published in the future. So, wait at least 2 months before inquiring.
  • For any more queries, kindly get in touch.


All the rights are with the respective writers; I have no claim on their work. I only reserve the rights to publish/take down any content from this blog.

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