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Are you a newly published author and wants to get your book reviewed? Or are you still working on your manuscript and need a pair of fresh eyes to give you some perspective? Don’t worry, I can help you. This blog is my writing portfolio and a representation of my skills, if you are convinced with the level of my expertise you are most welcome to get in touch with me.

Book Reviews

Reading Fee | Category: Fiction/Poetry| Language: English| Provide Review Copy, please. Reviewed at: Amazon, Goodreads| Promoted on: Bulbul’s Bubble (Blog + Facebook Page). (Please expect a fair and an unbiased review.)

Author Interviews

Interview Fee | Language: English/Hindi | Interviewed at: Zoom | Posted at: YouTube Channel | Promoted on: Bulbul’s Bubble (Blog + Facebook Page)


Reading Fee | Category: Fiction | Language: English

Drop me a message, clearly describing what you need my assistance with, to know further details.

Let’s build something together.

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2 thoughts on “Work With Me”

    1. Hi jude! So sorry such a late reply, I have been out of it lately. Hopefully you are doing well.
      Glad to hear that you want to join. Drop me a message and I will help you out with whatever you need. 🙂


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