Minimalist Indian Cooking: Gulab Jamun

Hey fellas! Due to the lock-down, all foodies, like me, are having a tough time dealing with their cravings. We can't eat afford to eat outside without putting our life at risk, as a result of which many of us have gone to the age old primary way i.e. #Cook at Home. While it may… Continue reading Minimalist Indian Cooking: Gulab Jamun

Literary Magazines in India- Publish short-stories & poetry

If you want to publish short-stories in India, find below a list of magazines in India to publish short-stories, poetry, book reviews, interviews, art etc. Now submit short-stories, flash-fiction and poetry in magazines in India. To all the writers and poets, I urge you not to stop writing and voicing your thoughts. Instead of focusing on… Continue reading Literary Magazines in India- Publish short-stories & poetry

Best Paying Magazines for Writers

For all the fiction writers and poets who want to publish short-stories in magazines; I've a better deal for you guys! Now, publish short-stories, flash-fiction and poetry and also get paid in return. I am listing down 10 magazines links which pay upon publication. So, fellow writers submit your short-stories for money and fellow poets… Continue reading Best Paying Magazines for Writers