Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 14

Hi friends! Last week’s prompt was –Feelings. If you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful 20-word stories of previous week, go read them now! Cheers to all those who could join us in this week. This week’s prompt is Self-Love. I expect you guys to have fun with it. Below is my take on… Continue reading Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 14

One White Corner

Demons, they all have been gathered by me; by my life experiences; gifted to me by the people around me, by you. I am not afraid of them, confronting them is what I constantly try to run away from because otherwise, everything else that I do will start to seem meaningless. They lurk in the… Continue reading One White Corner

Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 4

Hey fellas! So, I am having way too much fun with these super-tiny tales and I hope that you guys are enjoying it too. The response is just overwhelmingly wonderful and for that I have to thank each one of you for all your support. Last week’s prompt was – Quarantine. If you haven’t had a… Continue reading Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 4

Thousand Miles

As I shed all my leaves & embark on a journey anew, to the land where no one eaves so, mark my words a few- “This life is all you have, shape it like all you want. Don’t let other drag you down and forget the words I can’t” “This life is all you have,… Continue reading Thousand Miles

Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 3

Hey fellas! How is it hanging? I am telling you, these Tuesdays sneak up earlier than expected. But that's the part of the fun. I am overwhelmed by the love and support that Twenty-Words Tuesday has received and that's only because of your support and encouragement. Thank You! Last week’s prompt was – Slow motion. If… Continue reading Twenty-Words Tuesday- Week 3

Streets of Paris

Friday Flash Fiction is hosting EDINBURGH FESTIVAL COMPETITION, 2020 which is now under way. If interested, you all can SUBMIT via THE STORYBOXON THE SUBMISSIONS PAGE My entry for the Edinburgh Festival Competition, 2020 I wanted to share this 100-word story with you all which got published on Friday Flash Fiction. You can read it here-… Continue reading Streets of Paris

Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 2

Hey all! It is Tuesday already, the previous week did pass in a jiffy. I am very thankful to everyone for receiving Twenty-Word Tuesday so wonderfully and giving it all the love and support that I could have only wished for. Last week's prompt was - Dreams. If you haven't had a chance to read… Continue reading Twenty-Word Tuesday: Week 2

Twenty-Word Tuesday

Writing short and word-limited pieces for a prompt always helps to get over the writer's block and it gives a momentary (and much needed) escape to your mind to let those creative juices flowing, freely. Also, writing 20-words doesn't take much time so you can always go back to your work with a refreshed mind.… Continue reading Twenty-Word Tuesday


A strong wind generated from the fluttering of her dainty wings carried the most beautiful earthy scent of hope. The wind traveled far, crossing the mountains and the high seas, only to reach him, and as it touched his tear-stained cheeks, the fragrance spread over his existence like a warm blanket and his emptiness retreated… Continue reading Dreamcatcher

Be someone’s

In this world of sms and emails, be someone’s letter.In this world of diets and weight loss, be someone’s craving.In this world of Netflix and prime, be someone’s classic.In this world of pics and selfies, be someone’s painting.In this world of smartphones and laptops, be someone’s diary.In this world of gifs and emojis, be someone’s… Continue reading Be someone’s