Can I Keep You?

A beautiful poem by Jenny Guilford from an amazing, recently launched website “The Finest Example of“. It is a collaborative Journal of Creativity started by my fellow blogger-friend – Peter Wyn Mosey. You should definitely check it out.

The Finest Example Of...

Meeting new friends can be overwhelming.

I know it hasn’t really been that long,

But now that we have met, I want to ask

A simple question, even if it’s strange.

Can I keep you?

I know that you’re a person, not a pet,

I know you’re not a creature I can keep.

You’re more than that, I know, I understand.

But I still need to ask


Can I keep you?

Can I keep you as my friend

Can I keep you as a buddy.

Can I keep you when I need you

And even more when I don’t.

The only thing that I had hoped to say

Is that I think that you are worth… keeping.

Because to me it seems that you are great.

If you aren’t sure, don’t answer straightaway.

Just think on it, and maybe let me know.

Because if I was brave enough…

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