Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 27

Howdy folks, how are you? Wishing you all a happy March ahead. Very soon I am going to start sharing the first draft of a long story which I hope to be a novel; stay tuned for more on this. You can also tell me about what you would want to read. Keep writing. TWT’s… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 27

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 26

Hello lovely people, how are you doing this week? I hope you all rocking the show to your maximum capacity. Thank you for leaving your thoughtful comments last week, they really made me feel much better and I think I'll be back soon (maybe with a surprise for you). Stay tuned and let me know… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 26

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 22

72nd Republic Day's hearty warm wishes to every Indian! TWT’s 21st-Week prompt was –Blank. If you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful 20-word stories of previous week, you can read them here. This week’s prompt is Piece. I can’t wait to read what you come up with. Below is my 20-word story, I hope you’ll… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 22

Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 19

Hi all, Twenty Words Tuesday is resuming again! So, get ready to write more tiny tales with me, this year. It is going to be a ride full of fun, creativity & randomness. TWT's 18th-Week prompt was –Spaghetti. If you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful 20-word stories of previous week, you can read… Continue reading Twenty Words Tuesday – Week 19

Y-Yule & Z-Zest (26 X 26)

It was almost midnight and Anika with her grandmother was watching the great conjunction sitting in a sacred grove nearby a small glen. Her grandmother had told her the auspiciousness of this event and she knew of its rareness. More than 350 years later the two heavenly giants- Jupiter and Saturn were visibly extremely close… Continue reading Y-Yule & Z-Zest (26 X 26)

V-Vacation & W-Winter (26 X 26)

*New piece*---Breakup Diaries--- People most of the times forget that when a relationship between two persons end, you not only loose that person but also a version of yourself and a version of your future which existed with that person. When so much is snatched away in a matter of a few minutes, you forget… Continue reading V-Vacation & W-Winter (26 X 26)

T-Tradition & U-Unwrap (26 X 26)

*New piece*---The Second Wife--- Sania’s life, like most others, was steeped in traditions; some of which were picked up from the society which she lived in, others from her culture and heritage, many others from her family and the religion that she followed and very few which she chose for herself. These threads of various… Continue reading T-Tradition & U-Unwrap (26 X 26)

R-Reindeer & S-Sweater (26 X 26)

---The Wrap Up---*New Piece* Christmas was done and it was time for Kevin to take down all the decorations once again; he found it as the worst part of all the Christmas traditions. It always made everything looked gloomy for a few days after that. Taking out the packed boxes, dusting their dust off, opening… Continue reading R-Reindeer & S-Sweater (26 X 26)

P-Pie (26 X 26)

*New Story*—'WISH PIE'—(Also, a huge thank you to BlueMallowMelt for the prompt) She was going to make another ‘wish-pie’. Making a ‘wish-pie’ meant only one thing in Angie’s world - ‘SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN!’ Whenever things would start to go catastrophically wrong in her life, which by the way wasn’t a lot, and there was nothing… Continue reading P-Pie (26 X 26)

N-Nice (26 X 26)

*New piece*---The Lovely People---(Also, a huge thank you to BlueMallowMelt for the prompt) Nice is the first thing which comes to my mind whenever I think of her. Of course, I don’t know her all that much but from whatever I have seen of her in the past few months, I am sure of this one detail.… Continue reading N-Nice (26 X 26)